About Our Sponsor: Fluidra

We are a leading company in the global pool & wellness industry

Fluidra, a multinational group listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange, is the global leader in the pool and wellness industry. Founded in 1969, Fluidra has long-standing experience in developing innovative products and services in the global residential and commercial pool market.

Fluidra has a clear mission: to create the perfect pool and wellness experience responsibly.

A preeminent worldwide platform

Fluidra operates in more than 47 countries through its subsidiaries. We have more than 135 sales branches and more than 35 production centers around the world, in addition to strategically distributed logistics hubs that support our production and distribution centers. This global platform enables Fluidra to distribute a great variety of products and devices adapting to the peculiarities of each region, pool and customer.

Our team is comprised of more than 7,000 employees motivated and skilled employees from over 45 countries. Thanks to this multicultural background, Fluidra is able to fully understand the requirements of its customers and adapt to them.

Highly prestigious brands

Fluidra’s portfolio includes some of the most recognized brands in the sector such as Jandy®AstralPool®Polaris®Cepex®Zodiac®, CTX Professional®Certikin and Gre®.

It also includes other more specialized brands that pair up with the services provided by the master brands:
iAqualinkLaghettoCover-PoolsAquaForte, Nature Pools, IdegisTogamaIgnia, MTH Sunnypools, etc.

The most comprehensive product range

At Fluidra, we always keep pool users in mind to provide them with “everything they need to have a perfect pool and wellness experience, responsibly”. This translates into a wide range of products, devices, components and services.

Pool professionals, mainly in Europe, Australia or South Africa, very much appreciate our Fluidra Pro Centers, “one-stop-shops, where they can find everything they need. A wide range of products is available and technical assistance is provided if required.

A vertically integrated business model

Fluidra does it all: R&D, manufacturing and marketing/distribution – all parts of the chain are integrated in our business model. With the aim to offer the best product and solution we do our own research, development and innovation; we have own production sites combined with sourcing from others; we are marketing and distribution specialists with different models responding to varying needs of markets or geographical regions.

Fluidra’s Residential Pool marketing approach honors the different channels. The profile of our professional customer mainly includes pool construction companies, pool stores, pool maintenance, etc. We have differentiated products and brands dedicated to online and mass market channels.

In Commercial Pool and Projects, architects, Real Estate developers or hotel owners are our partners involved in projects for public or commercial use, such as pools, wellness facilities, fountains, lagoons,…who also benefit from our global platform.

General contact


+34 937 243 900

Av. Alcalde Barnils, 69, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain